My coming out story

Okay, real talk for a minute...

Yesterday I posted a reel about being gay. I have been "out" (I don't like this term because I have been me my whole life) since I was 23. The moment I decided to be open about my sexuality, I never looked back. I am fortunate to have not had any scrutiny or negative experiences with this, like many have.

I feel like it's important for me to use my voice and share my story whenever I can. If I watched someone's video or saw a post when I was younger about being an openly gay woman, I might have been able to be honest and open earlier in life. I feel like there aren't enough role models for lesbian girls and women. There was plenty of men to look up to, but not women.

This brings me back to my reel. I am not overly concerned about the number of followers I have on my account, although I am thankful that every one of you are here supporting my business. Yesterday after I posted my reel about being gay, I lost a significant amount of followers. Coincidence? I'm not entirely sure; I had to take a moment to reflect.

Thankfully I have been openly and PROUDLY gay for 6+ years, so did it hurt my ego a bit? Absolutely. Will it stop me from being openly and PROUDLY gay? Absolutely NOT. But, this made me think of others who have had this experience. Who have decided to be honest, and share their truth- and get unfollowed, get hate thrown at them or even worse.

That is not a conducive environment for mental wellness. This breeds fear, hurt, and an inability to live the life you were meant to.

So this is for you women who are struggling with your sexuality. Maybe you've been hurt before, made fun of, or had a bad experience sharing your story. For that, I am so sorry. I promise to keep showing you that it can and will get better. You will find your people who support you, and that can start here if you're willing. I am always here to lend an ear and support you any way that I can.

I love you, and you are enough.


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