✨ New years goals and resolutions give me anxiety ✨

🤯 Anyone else? 🤯

👉🏻 Choosing an overarching theme instead allows it to take shape in various aspects of your life, versus one specific area. For example, your resolution might be to drink more water or join a gym. Those are great goals, but instead, you could make your theme for the year “Experience Health.” Choosing “Experience Health” as your theme could lead to much more than upping your water intake and joining that gym, you may also begin to consider other aspects of your health such as mental clarity and healthy relationships.

🌈 I recently had a human design reading with @ashleys.light and it's evident that I need to slow down, enjoy the good and respond to what is put in front of me - not constantly initiating.

🌟 My theme for 2021 will be "Wait, appreciate, respond". 🌟

✌🏻 This will be a challenge, but it doesn't make me anxious like a goal where I can either pass or fail. This gives me flexibility and the ability to apply it to all areas of my life.

What will your theme for 2021 will be? 👇🏻

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